Method Studio x FITE

Meticulously handcrafted from the woodland workshop of Scottish trunk-makers Method Studio, the stunning FITE wardrobe trunk took over 200 hours to create.

It's lightweight, rigid, birch-wood frame is carefully wrapped and lined in luxurious Scottish leather (but not before being signed by the craftsman in a hidden location) and is protected with thick Italian bridle leather edging and oiled, solid ash-wood rails. These beautiful but practical parts are precisely fixed with hundreds of polished, hand-hammered nails.

The FITE trunk is brimming with unique bespoke detailing, including logo-engraved catches, bridle leather drawer pulls, traditionally hand-painted monogram and stripe and even custom hangers; shaped from the same solid ash wood as the side rails, individually flame-branded with the FITE logo and hand-finished in lemon oil and beeswax.

A true one-of-a-kind, the dramatic vibrant-blue wardrobe trunk was designed and created for Holly Peterson's made in Los Angeles luxury brand FITE, to encapsulate and literally transport the brands values and ethos of luxury through provenance, artisan skill and sensual tactility.