How do I know what size to order?

Please refer to our Size Chart. Our fit closely follows the line of the body so if you prefer a looser fit, please size up. If you're still unsure please order more than one size as all our returns are free and we want you to experience the best fit possible.

What's special about the signature FITE fit?

We've spent hours, days, weeks and months developing what we consider to be the perfect tee-shirt. Every detail has been considered from the neckline to the sleeve length to the shape of the body. We understand that every woman is built differently and so we trialled a series of prototype fits on small women, tall women, slim women, athletic women and larger women; taking notes from each and translating this into our signature FITE tee-shirt.

Does every tee-shirt fit the same?

Yes. Consistency and continuity is as important to us as we hope it is to you. We want the perfect fit tee-shirt to be available whatever the season so that once you fall in love with your FITE tee-shirt you'll always be able to buy more.

What's the difference between the two fabrics?

Our Cashmere Jersey is super fine without being too sheer. It feels beautifully soft against the skin and offers a closer fit than our Technical Linen, which has more of a relaxed, looser fit. Both are luxurious options, so if you're undecided which to order we recommend trying both.

Why are your fabrics mixed and not 100%?

We've spent as long developing our own luxury blends as we have our signature fit. Both 100% Cashmere and 100% Linens are difficult to care for and we want you to get the most out of your FITE tee-shirts by wearing them everyday, whatever the occasion. We've developed the perfect ratio of technical fabrics such as Micro Modal and Spandex to balance our Cashmeres and Linens; ensuring they wash well and retain their shape.

How do I care for my FITE tee-shirt?

All our FITE tee-shirts can be machine washed. We recommend a cold wash as is safer to prevent any slight shrinkage. You can also tumble dry on a low heat but with Linen it is recommended to remove before completely dry and lie flat. It is not recommended to line dry Linen as it is a heavier fabric and may "grow". If this happens, we recommend rewashing and tumble drying to help "snap" your garment back into shape. All our FITE tee-shirts can be ironed on a cool-to-warm setting and are also safe to dry clean if you wish.

Where are your FITE tee-shirts made?

All our FITE tee-shirts are made at a premier factory in downtown Los Angeles. Our factory works with some of the best tee-shirt brands in the world and is a family run business with a responsible code of practice. We have a close working relationship with our factory and visit regularly to oversee our manufacturing process.

What's the difference between Model 001 and Model 002?

Model 001 has a simple sleeve whereas Model 002 has a ruffle sleeve, creating a subtle 'frill' effect on the top of the shoulder seam. Our design philosophy is always to keep the body and neckline the same although we'll introduce new styles where the only change will be to the style of sleeve. Model 003 for instance will be our 3/4 length sleeve tee-shirt and is coming soon.

What should I wear underneath my FITE tee-shirt?

A nude bra never fails if you can match your skin tone for less visibility; however a black bra under a white tee-shirt is definitely not a fashion faux pas and can look super sexy. Either way we always recommend Nippies Skin - the ultimate nipple cover in two sizes and three skin tones for the smoothest, most invisible coverage possible. 

What can I wear my FITE tee-shirt with?

Anything! Check our online store for looks we've styled as inspiration. The iconic tee-shirt can be dressed down with jeans and shorts or dressed up with a suit, skirt or even underneath a dress. That said, not all tee-shirts are created equally. That's why we started FITE, to create a luxurious garment that is as versatile as anything a modern woman needs in her wardrobe.