A luxury basics brand founded by Holly Peterson

From the FITE design studios in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Holly Peterson has created the ultimate luxury basics brand that symbolizes the relaxed and confident spirit of American style.

Holly was raised in California and spent much of her youth engaging with her father regarding his apparel business, specifically the importance of quality, service and product integrity. Mr Jacobson was a key player in the cotton industries throughout the late seventies, eighties and early nineties, creating high quality basics that were the chief uniform of much the US population. Holly loved the vibe and camaraderie of the factories and knew that at some point in her future she would follow in her father’s footsteps. As a young girl, she would customise and dress up the white tees her father brought home - loving both the creative process and the compliments she would reap.

Having travelled the globe and spent many years living in London, Holly has now settled back in the US with homes in San Francisco and Aspen but her style philosophy has remained the same, “with the right foundations in place everything else should come together easily. A perfect tee can pair with every single item in your closet. Whether you dress it simply or elegantly it is the foundation of any outfit. For me a perfect t-shirt should leave the wearer feeling confident, assured and ready for anything.”

Since it’s launch in 2017 FITE has been lauded for its design and production integrity, garnering an enviable community of FITE ambassadors. Holly’s passion for every single detail, from the stitching, stretch content, sheerness, to exactly the right hue of white and indigo is clear. Having spent two years researching, she is confident FITE has achieved the perfect fit using the finest luxury fabrications.